Farm Policies

  1. Children should always be accompanied by their parent/guardian.
  2. PRICING: Under 2 free.  Military is $5.00.  All other guests pay regular admission.  See activities page to see what is included in the admission. Please note that activities may change without notice depending on availability and weather conditions.
  3. Additional fees:  Pumpkins, concessions, gift shop items and select activities.
  4. Hayrack ride/train: stay seated on your bottom at all times.Do not hold a child on your lap. Do not stand up when the engine is moving.  Exit, after the ride comes to a complete stop.
  5. Guests must stay within  fenced/unmowed areas, trespassing is considered anywhere near the pond or property lines.
  6. Parking is divided into two areas including an overflow lot on the farm.  Overflow parking guests will be transported via tractor hayrack. Street parking is not allowed.
  7. No Smoking anywhere in the farm, including the parking lot.
  8. Outside food/drink are not allowed.
  9. Littering:  not allowed.  Trash cans are provided.
  10. No pets allowed. Service pets are the exceptions.
  11. Feed animals with an open hand. Animal food is purchased from KC Pumpkin Patch only.  Wash hands after contact with the animals. No food containers or pacifiers are not allowed by the animals.
  12. No profanity or malicious will.
  13. Photography/video taping: your children only. Our attractions are proprietary.
  14. PHOTO DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that your photo may be taken and used by us in our Social Media or General Marketing Campaigns. Your rights are waived to any images and or recordings you may appear in while on the Property. These images or recordings may or may not be used in our social or promotional materials.
  15. Lost child policy:  contact staff immediately.  Activities are closed immediately to locate the child or parent.
  16. Farm terrain:  we are a working farm.  Sidewalks are not present.  Please were tennis shoes, not flip flops, or sandals. Ground is uneven.
  17. Weather:  Rain Checks may be issued depending on the date and circumstance.  Should we not open due to weather, we post a notice on our social media sites.  We do not close due to cold weather.  Please dress in layers.
  18. Payment: Cash or credit card.
  19. ATM on site.
  20. Lost and Found: 913 484 6251, describe lost item, date and approximate area lost.  Lost and found items may be retrieved at the admission booth.
  21. Agritourism Liablity Law.  Please see signage onsite.

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